Fear 101

You could probably call me an expert on fear. Even as I type that, I realize it sounds kind of cool—as if I’m saying that I’m some sort of psychologist or philosopher, schooled in the subject of anxiety, or maybe a scholar of the way that fear is depicted in nineteenth century literature. Let me […]

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Leavenworth Lights

Last weekend Josh and I were driving through Leavenworth and discovered that we had come just as they were decorating the town for Christmas. A lot of the fall decorations were still up, too. The pumpkin in this picture looks pretty normal, but it was actually really tall and skinny. We thought this tree was […]

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Snohomish Pie Co.

Whatever a pie box is, I want it. Growing up, my mom and brother and I used to drop in at Snohomish Pie Co. quite often. We would grab a slice of pie and a cup of coffee and contemplate life, I suppose. Josh and I went to Snohomish for a slice of pie the […]

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Who knew that oranges started out dark green? Tucson people probably know that. I’m sure Tucson people also know that Tucson is where the pomegranate, the best fruit of all, comes from. Tucson is full of interesting architecture. Cacti aren’t the only interesting plants. These green beetles match the green oranges. It’s always hot and […]

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A Writing Update

Well, I told myself I wasn’t going to do this–I wasn’t going to start a blog and be inconsistent. But life happens, and stuff has been busy. And yes, that’s ice cream in the coffee. That being said, I’m super excited to announce that over the summer, I published my first article. It’s located in […]

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The Rabbits of Best Western

Rabbits are the best pets. They’re even less needy than cats, but friendlier. They mow your yard. They jump up on your knees when you bring them bananas (fun fact: rabbits like bananas even more than carrots. True story.) Long story short, I’m always happy to see rabbits, and the Best Western courtyard has a […]

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Stray Thoughts From Colorado

It takes 28 seconds to effectively chew two baby carrots. Humanity is spending a lot of time chewing vegetation. The good news is, if you cram four into your mouth at a time, it only takes 45 seconds. It’s really easy to meet your writing goals when that’s all you’re doing. Feels kind of unfair […]

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