Every Day a Monday Podcast

Hey Everybody, I’m taking a day off from the usual topics to shamelessly promote Josh’s podcast. Every Monday morning, Josh releases a new episode featuring an interview with a new guest. They talk about church service and share stories and advice from ministry and life. It’s funny. It’s encouraging. It’s bursting with personality. Josh has […]

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Meeting New Books

There’s nothing like opening up a new book for the first time. Or maybe there is. Maybe it’s kind of like meeting a new person. In some sense, you are. Opening a book means meeting a new author, or at least reconnecting with an old favorite.  I do my best to read the first page […]

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     The last couple years I’ve attended elementary/ middle school productions of a couple different Shakespeare plays. This year, it was Julius Caesar. After seeing the play, I decided to dust off a copy and start reading it myself (and by dust off, I mean search for the full play online, and read it […]

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Writing Late at Night

I learned an important lesson last night. My goal was to write a certain number of words before going to bed, and so, even though I was practically falling asleep on the couch, I kept writing. I would think about my next line, start writing it, forget what I was saying in the middle of […]

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Fear 101: Questions and Doubt

     There’s a subset of Christians who seem to be absolutely certain about absolutely everything. Whether you’re asking about the finer points of God’s sovereignty, the way that we should look at the current political climate, or the historical context of Paul’s letters, they have an answer, and that answer is non-negotiable. I tend […]

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Fear 101: Talking to People

Fear has to a way of invading all sorts of situations, including very normal ones. For example, there are all kinds of little fears associated with normal human interaction. Before I go out, I usually find myself running through a laundry list of all the things that might go wrong. Some of them stem from […]

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Novel Update

     Sometimes, when I set out to write a new story, I only have one idea. It’s been buzzing around in my head, and I know that I’m going to use it. Other times, there are several half-baked ideas floating around, and I have to pick one, throw it in the oven, and hope […]

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Fear 101

You could probably call me an expert on fear. Even as I type that, I realize it sounds kind of cool—as if I’m saying that I’m some sort of psychologist or philosopher, schooled in the subject of anxiety, or maybe a scholar of the way that fear is depicted in nineteenth century literature. Let me […]

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